The New Zero

At my gym, we’ve changed the method we are using to track my body composition progress. When you change the tracking method, you are no longer comparing apples to apples. You are comparing points in time – apples to oranges really on entirely different scales. They are just not the same fruits.

So I’ve chosen to be positive and use this as an opportunity to evaluate my goals and set myself some targets based on where I am and where I want to go. I established a list of goals, not all mutually exclusive but definitely from all over the place.

So what are my goals?

I generalize “Hulk” and “Thor” but in a real sense I want to get bigger and stronger. Nothing gets me more excited than lifting heavy, looking at an obstacle and realizing I can throw legitimate muscle at it and tackle it.

I want to be lean enough that I look bigger and stronger. I frequently say I look fat. In reality I don’t and the term is an over generalization. I am smaller than I want to look. I am softer than I want to look. I do not look fat. I feel like these descriptors are far more image positive than repeating “I look fat” to myself and beating down a fragile ego unfairly. So I’m changing the words. People say that helps. I guess it can’t hurt to try it.

I plan to work with my trainers to establish specific ways to target most of these goals, and probably Russ to establish targets that are really not gym related like my wardrobe.

It feels good to have this in writing. I’m looking forward to setting targets and getting back to picture tracking this month. That tracking really helped me stay focused on regular progress, and I’m sorry I got away from it.

Strength Goals

  • Squat 3 plates for 12 reps
  • Deadlift 2 plates for 12 reps
  • Bench 2 plates for 12 reps
  • 12 unassisted strict pullups

Physique Goals

  • Lean out enough to see definition
  • Grow a bigger upper body (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Upper Arms)
  • Update Wardrobe to fit my current physique

Athletic Goals

  • Try a rock climbing gym
  • Experiment with OCR’s to find an annual OCR’s to attend
  • Pick 1-2 annual 5ks that I can run and enjoy with friends
  • Figure out how to measure sprinting and work on improving at it (the only running I have found I enjoy)

Dietary Goals

  • Work on some versatility in my diet to increase cost efficiency without sacrificing quality and quantity

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